Passenger car leasing Lines




Passenger Car leasing Product Lines

532112_L52500 Passenger cars and other automotive equipment without drivers rental and/or leasing
532112_L5250052501 Passenger car rental without drivers
532112_L5250052502 Passenger car leasing without drivers
532112_L5250052503 Truck rental without drivers
532112_L5250052504 Truck leasing without drivers
532112_L5250052505 Truck tractors rental and/or leasing without drivers
532112_L5250052506 Truck trailers, semitrailers, and storage semitrailers rental and/or leasing without drivers
532112_L5250052507 Utility trailers rental and/or leasing
532112_L5250052508 Motor homes, travel trailers, and other recreational vehicles rental and/or leasing without drivers
532112_L52600 Consumer goods rental and/or leasing
532112_L52700 Interest income
532112_L5270052701 Interest from lease financing receivables (financing leases)
532112_L52720 Sales of merchandise
532112_L59810 Other revenue

The Report entitled, Passenger car leasing Lines (Ref: 532112 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.