Home health equipment rental Lines




Home health equipment rental Product Lines

532291_L52600 Consumer goods rental and/or leasing
532291_L5260052611 Consumer appliances rental and/or leasing
532291_L5260052612 Consumer electronics rental and/or leasing
532291_L5260052622 Video cassette recorders, video cameras, televisions, DVD players, and other video equipment rental
532291_L5260052624 Home health furniture and equipment rental and/or leasing
532291_L5260052629 Other consumer goods rental and/or leasing
532291_L52710 Repair and maintenance services
532291_L52720 Sales of merchandise
532291_L5272052729 Other merchandise sales
532291_L59810 Other revenue

The Report entitled, Home health equipment rental Lines (Ref: 532291 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.